Love Hz

Occupy Spectrum

Whitespace Spectrum

A new public resource - like Wifi, but over wide areas - Ofcom will soon open TV whitespace spectrum to all of us. Seize the opportunity and start using it this autumn. No spectrum auctions necessary!


The Internet of Things

50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, each sensing, sending information about the real world back and forth. From The Connected Home to Smart Agriculture it will revolutionise our daily lives.


Open Innovation

The timing couldn't be better. At Love Hz we bring these two concepts together and help people understand a world of connected devices, open to all. The size of a matchbox, battery powered, more than 8km range. What would you do?

In January 2014 we will be launching a pilot network in Oxford, connecting your sensors wherever they may be back to your applications in the cloud. 

If you're not measuring something, it's hard to tell if you're making a difference. Carbon emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, pollution, flooding. All these are easily monitored on a large scale with whitespace and there are no mobile SIMs to install.

If you're within 5km of Oxford and have an application you think would suit a wide-area sensor network then contact us as soon as possible. Perhaps you're monitoring river levels in the Thames. Maybe you're a citizen data gathering about pollution on main roads. Or maybe you want to know if someone breaks into your allotment shed.